New Year, New Project -- Introducing KarmaKitten Radio!!!

 Within the past 24 hours, I've taken up a new project. I'd already decided to do the personal "A Year Through the Chakras" transformative journey. I got the idea when I was taking courses from Woolston-Steen Wiccan Seminary on the Sacred Cauldron region in Second Life. I've been gathering items for myself and decided to poke my head into the SC region to see how they had their temple set up. And wow! I found out that the Seminary sold out! I have no idea when that happened but they'd been there forever so it was a little shocking and saddening to see what had become of the region. (I'm not trying to "diss" the new owner. It was simply a bit of a shock to the system to not see the legacy castle and other builds that had been there for well over a decade.)

But I digress.

Without SC doing their chakra temple through the year, I thought I'd open my own to the public. 

What does that have to do with this new KarmaKitten Radio thing? Simple--I had to have a stream to put the meditation music!

So KarmaKitten was born. Be kind--it's only a few hours old! 😁

Site and schedule to come (check the links on this site).